What We Do

We are a 5 piece soul, funk, rock and pop band for hire for weddings, corporate events and private parties in London and UK wide. We have many upgradable options if you wish to have a bigger sounding band or extra sets of live music. 

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Standard Services

These are the standard services you shall receive from us on your event day. 

  • 2 hours of live music
  • 5 piece band with female lead vocals, keys, bass, drums and guitar
  • We will play a selection of music between sets
  • Great sounding PA for venues with 500 capacity


Additional Upgrade Options

We can also provide you with extra services if you choose to upgrade:

  • 6 piece band with extra horn player
  • 7 piece band with 2 extra horn players
  • 8 piece with 2 extra female vocalists and 2 horns 
  • 9 piece with 3 female vocalists, 2 horn players & sax
  • 10 piece with 3 female vocals, horn player, sax & trombone.
  • 60 minute Jazz/Live Lounge set
  • 60 minute Solo piano / guitar set
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email
Call 0845 108 5500
or click here to email

Questions or Concerns

Once you’ve decided we’re the right band for you, you can rest assured that your entertainment is in good hands. We’ll be in touch around 3 weeks before the big day to finalise the details, timings, song choices and any other queries you may have. In the run up to your event, you’ll have a dedicated event coordinator from our agency Alive Network who will be more than happy to liaise with you on any issues, questions or concerns.


What We'll Do At Your Event

Arrival, set up and soundcheck

Our standard arrival time is 6pm. We take approximately 1 hour to set up and sound check. We can put background DJ music on as soon as we have our PA system in place to start building the atmosphere.

A typical event would run like this:
Set 1: 8.30-9.30pm
Set 2: 10.30-11.30pm
DJ music in between sets and until 12.00

After set up

When we have finished sound checking, we will put DJ music on to build the atmosphere. We will then get changed and ready for our performance.

1st live set

Our first set would usually kick off around 8:30. Watch as everyone swarms onto the dance floor as we kick off and 

2nd live set & end of the night

We recommend stopping live music around 30 minutes before the evening finishes. We DJ appropriate music to wind things up at 12.00. Sometimes ending with the live band can feel like a bit of a ‘hard stop’ for your guests.

Of course we are flexible with this times, and work with you on the day if things are running late.


If you have any other questions or would like to discuss things with us in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch with our agent, Marc at Alive Network on 0845 226 3118, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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